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Calling of the Carnival

My day was good because I slept early, and woke up in time. Like every other morning, I arrived at the workplace thirty five minutes before four o'clock, and had my breakfast with a piece of dry bread while rushing there on the bicycle. The sleep was not the best but of course, it was better than 'no sleep'.

So I was back at the office, being done with delivering all the newspapers and letters in time and afterwards spent almost the hour with a 57 year old colleague, a nice brewed cup of coffee and a bright blue deep sky. The coffee felt so good but the colleague told me everyone contributes five bucks a month for the common coffee facility. But the feeling of sipping the coffee in and looking at the clear sky went so nice together- as if all the clouds of my past were making way for the sunshine.

Eventually said 'see you tomorrow' to the workplace and headed back home. On the way back had came through the ghetto to check when does the barber shop opens. It was still like an hour before their opening time so came home, ate some more breakfast and went to get my haircut, came back, took a shower and it was already 9.45. The math lecture start at 10 am so had to move fast. Still yes, managed to make my green tea at the service point and it was exactly 10:00 when I walked in the classroom. Now that's what I call a kick start to the day! Was a little hungry but made it till 13:15 hour and finally it was lunch time. I guess a total of 950 ml of green tea kept me fueling.

It was a ideal lunch hour, the queue was so long today that I had to be worried about all the food being finished. That's all you can do when you have like one hundred people to be served before its your turn!

Anyways, went to the chip design lab and learned some...well what did I learn? takes me a while to remember, well it was what...what...what...come on...yeah it was flip flops. Quite weird piece of technology that saves one bit of data on your electronic device.

So after that had a 90 min. break before it was time for language school. I never miss that since I like the teachers, they are really funny. but this 90 min. was spent with programming and 2nd order differential equations.

Meanwhile I made another 950 ml of green tea and made it till 20:30 at the language school when the last session before the A2 test ended. Now I am at the kitchen eating noodles and sitting with Ahmed because Ridwan, Fady and the others guys are not yet here for the meeting. In case you don't know, A couple of guys leave the kitchen really dirty after using it and Ahmed wants to hold a meeting to 'do something' about it.

You see, the more I say, the better was my day. But I wonder what makes me say all these to you? I feel its love or some kind of excitement. But I wonder how long this lasts? And how does a man and a woman survives as lovers? Don't they get tired of each other and become like a tree or mirror to each other after spending lots of days and nights together? The 57 year old colleague got tired of his wife and has been living alone since last 10 years.

Enough of me talking. Think I am not gonna make it to this kitchen cleanup meeting. Its 10 o'clock and bed time for me. Sorry for being so busy all day and not being able to reply to your texts. Hope you had a bright day too. And if it wasn't so good, tomorrow is another day.

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খুব সুন্দর। এইভাবে সবকিছু ভালোর পথে চলতে থাকুক Smile

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হ্যাঁ ভাইয়া। চলুক। ধন্যবাদ। Cool

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