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There is a river called Main

The place is almost empty. Only one table with a few sitting. We have sat down on the round table in the middle of the restaurant. There is a certain calmness here today, as I sat down with a glass of beer in front of Maria. She works for the public service and part time at this restaurant. She goes in and out of different places and sometimes randomly says, “Hello!”.

After a calming diner with her, she went on to give a last touch to the place. I can’t say why Beethoven came to mind, I looked at her changing table cloths and asked, “Hey Maria, kennst du Für Elise?” I had to sing it out to her but yeah, she knows. Then I asked if she can play an instrument, and she named a few. And added that she taught herself, as the classes are expensive. I sort of jumped out in joy and expressed my sheer appreciation.

Of course the natural thing to do then, is to request her to play it on the Clavier, as there is one right next to where we were sitting. I said, “Ich bin mir sicher dass du es spielen kannst”. She looks at me with that smile on her lips and says, “Was zahlst du?”. I was gonna say something stupid, but thanks to Andy’s Helles, I slowed myself down. After about three seconds, I said, “Viel”. She was really nice at this point and said, “Dann es ist in Ordnung für mich”.

I knew I got her.

And then there came this evening, when we sat down together after finishing up the work. Yvonne gave me my french fries and meat. I put the food on the table and took a moment to decide if I should sit next to her or in front of her. I took the right decision. So I have Mary on my left and Andy on my right on the round table. We are all sitting at equal distance from each other. The light is hanging from the ceiling. Everything is perfect.

Andy looks at my glass of water and raises eyebrows. He says I am not drinking because of the presence of a woman. "But last time that didn't disturb anything"-says Maria. I wonder why she remembered if I drank alcohol last time.

As I was salting the french fries, I picked up the topic of "How height plays a role in partner selection" and how there can be exceptions to the rule. I said if both parties find everything else perfect and willingly sacrifice the height preference. Later Mary added another way- if at first they are friends and later the new possibility arises.

Andy brings out interesting topics like how increasing the number of try increases the rate of success, feeds in this example where one of his friends says hello to fifteen girls, get rejected by ten and in the end kept taking to a couple of girls till the end of the night. Lesson is, we have to try more, get more rejections, and in the end enjoy the reward.

I was not very hungry and just enjoying the table as Maria and Andy was taking about how to keep the conversation going in her upcoming first date. To which I contributed by saying that you can just say nothing for a while and just observe and see what comes in your mind- but looks like she can't handle this, as I saw a blend of shyness and in her sweet smile. And right then Andy brings out the killer topic and as always becomes excited because it's a biology topic. If two people spend about 25 minutes looking deep into each other's eye and ask each other questions, they develop a deep connection with each other. After hearing this, we look at each other in awe and her eyes glow to maximum brightness. I have never seen her eyes open so wide.

We had no idea we would be doing this after ten minutes. We talked and wondered on how this may work. At some point Andy asked Maria if she wants to try this with me and even assures her about my willingness- but we didn't.

And the table was silent again. We were almost gonna call it a night. However, who knows why, but we looked at each other's eye and started talking. After a few words we realized that we are now doing it deliberately and all we have to do it is keep looking at the eyes and talk.

Unfortunately I can not remember who started this. And what was the first thing that was said or asked. But I asked her if she writes. She said - I write everyday during my holidays. I asked her- why not every day? She said - it would be a bit boring to write every day. She asked me if I write. I told her about my writing habits. I told her my idea of writing before going to bed everyday. She said it might be a good thing.

I asked - what do you do before sleeping, do you take a shower before bed, do you put on sleeping dress. All of these questions gave nice results, we had a very good and very engaging talk. Something that actually never happened in my life.

Meanwhile Andy clears up everything on the table, and the place is ready to close. He stands next to us and observes what we are doing, while I ask - do you like Bob Dylan? After she said Yes, I asked - Why. To which she answers, "When I like something, I don't know why I like it". Then she said, I think Andy wants to go home. I found another question - should we let him go home?

Finally she looks away from me as Andy was asking her something. And it kind of broke my heart to see her go away. I think we did it for ten minutes at least, this definitely could be longer. And we basically talked, instead of asking pure questions. I asked a lot of do you think questions, and I asked and talked more than her.

I don't know what it will bring, but it was beautiful. And as you may be might have guessed already, I like her. So, the pleasure went to infinity. And by the way, two weeks ago I wanted to see her. She said that she has another man in her mind- so, yeah.

Anyhow, I am feeling awesome. Let's see what happens, but I can already say that I am thinking about her a lot more, on a deeper, more connected level. My mind is calm, knowing that I have a friend. My head is cleared, now that I have this feeling that I am acceptable. This gives a release and a reason. I must thank Andy and Maria the best way I can.

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